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The aim is to carefully understand the client’s requirements and establish a connection between the occupant and his space; a collaborative design process that also counts value-addition to a client’s lifestyle as its objective and achievement. Our professionalism in practice has ensured that our passion towards every project irrespective of its scale, be it scale, be it a small house or a luxurious is the same. We work with the same commitment, energy and expertise. We have therefore emerged as a firm versatile enough to deal with projects irrespective of their complexity.

We employ our expertise to shape your dreams. The outcome in the form of language and form is the bonus. Excellence in execution and implementation is the essence of our success.

Interior Design

The best designs are achieved when the client is an integral part of the design team. This guarantees that the design evolves from continuous dialogue and understanding of needs, goals and objectives. Thus we at B.Design 24 Studio envisage building and environments that are aesthetic, ordered, and harmonious. These are the essentials that define our method in Interior Design. Clients who become an integral part of the design process tremendously help achieving & delivering exquisite results in the end.

Our focus is on tasteful accessories and coordinated upholstery against good flooring and neatly painted colorful walls with an adequate illumination in a functional layout. Appropriate and functional articles used as essential components of interior. It includes wooden artifacts, fabric materials, utility items, wrought iron accessories and furniture and a variety of other products.

Landscape Design

The first stepping-stone to assess a project is by means of the space around it. A building is a tangible structure, which needs to get along with the landscaping that, circumscribes it. If they gel well, the beauty is enhanced and if they don’t they mar each other. Landscaping comprises of designing and planning of the open space and selection of appropriate flora, from a tree to the surface grass.
Apart from aesthetics, economy and individuality in design are the most important parameters that are taken into account while finalizing a proposal. Fascinated by the idea of semi-enclosed spaces, we impart greater role to the extended spaces and the margins. Making margins the focal point of the design.